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133 میلیارد پوند غذا دور ریخته می‌شوند.

اهداءکردن غذا به غیرانتفاعی‌های نزدیک می‌تواند باعث کاهش مالیات اهداءکنندگان غذا شود و همزمان به افراد نیازمند غذا در جوامع، غذا می‌رسد.
پشتیبانی از MEANSاهدای غذا

اهداءکردن سریع، آسان و ایمن است


همیشه آماده اهداءکردن

Donating food via MEANS is always 100% free. We believe that it should be easier and cheaper to donate your unsold food than to throw it away. Premium features are available, but donating is always free.


در سرتاسر کشور موجود

MEANS has users in 49 states and the District of Columbia, so you can donate anywhere! If we don’t have users in your state, don’t worry. As soon as you sign up, our outreach team will begin recruiting around you to make sure we have partners nearby.


سریع یافتن یک دریافت کننده

On average, donations are claimed within an hour, meaning you can find a home for your donation before your staff is finished closing for the night. We’ve had prepared food claimed in under three minutes!


بیش از 3000 شریک

ما با بیشتر از 3000 شریک در سرتاسر ایالات متحده آمریکا کار می‌کنیم. این کاربران بانک‌های غذا، انبارهای غذا، محل‌‌های اطعام‌ فقرا، پناهگاه و عبادتگاه هستند. ما شايستگى‌ آنها برای دریافت اهداءهای ­كسركردنى‌ از ماليات‌ را تأیید می‌کنیم تا اهداءکنندگان مجبور نشوند این کار را بکنند.


کاهش مالیات اضافی

If you donate unsold food you are eligible for a larger tax deduction than if you throw it out. At the end of the tax year, MEANS helps you download all the information you need to claim your enhanced tax deduction.


مصونیت از مسئولیت

Donations of “apparently wholesome food” donated in “good faith” to a “nonprofit organization” are protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. We verify our partners nonprofit status, protecting you from liability.

Our Partners Love Us!

The event was a rainy day event so our projected attendance was not where we thought it would be, and we had to find a way to dispose of 3600 lunch bags…within hours those bags were claimed…If we didn’t have the MEANS Database, the bags of food would have gone in the dumpster.

پروژه ریور جوردن

We partnered with MEANS Database to donate excess goat meat and Lavosh bread to The Pennsylvania Avenue SDA Church food pantry. MEANS makes it easy for organizations like us, who produce mass quantities of food, to deliver it to those who are in need, and cut down on food waste.

خلیج هرینگتن

A huge thank you to MEANS Database and Coca-Cola for donating EIGHT PALLETS of Vitamin Water and Powerade! It has already helped many experiencing homelessness and will continue to do so on a daily basis…this donation will provide much needed hydration to those living on the streets.

لس آنجلس در Cloud 9

Receiving Donations Is Free, Customizable, and Simple


برای زندگی غیرانتفاعی رایگان است

Our nonprofit partners will never be charged for claiming food via MEANS. You shouldn’t have to pay for donated food when you’re serving those in need.


تنها نیاز خود را دریافت کنید

We won’t drop food off on your doorstep that you can’t use. When you create your account you tell us what kind of food you typically need and we only contact you about those. Then, you claim an item to be clear you want it!


مناسب موبایل

Volunteers are always on the run! MEANS website is mobile friendly, ensuring a smooth experience no matter where you are. We offer customizable text and email alerts so you can claim food on the go.

نکات برجسته

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4410 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016